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For 20 years, Phoenix Fire Protection has been providing fire protection services for restaurants, businesses, government offices, healthcare and educational facilities, industrial centers, and more throughout Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, St Croix and the rest of the Caribbean. We are your single source for all your fire protection needs, from engineering and design to installation and ongoing maintenance.

Preventive Maintenance Programs

We can customize a preventive maintenance program that provides you with a single source for all of your life safety systems. A service representative will meet with you, tour your facility, and develop a service agreement to ensure your systems are tested, inspected and maintained to keep them operating at peak performance. Your agreement may include inspections, testing, parts replacement, emergency services, repair, maintenance or other services we provide.

Fire Sprinkler & Suppression System 

As a single source provider for your life safety service needs we provide the inspection, maintenance, and services of all types of sprinkler, suppression, fire pump, fire extinguisher and kitchen hood systems. We make sure your systems are tested and inspected as required. Upon completion we will provide you with detailed documentation as outlined by the National Fire Protection Association and your local authority.

Fire Alarm System Service

The most current techniques and equipment are utilized on every inspection to meet the rigorous requirements of today’s complex fire alarm systems. We make a special effort to thoroughly test and inspect all of your systems components for proper operation. We can significantly reduce unwanted false alarms by keeping your smoke detectors clean and ready to respond to the required sensitivity level.


In order to provide you with a greater level of protection our Central Station monitoring service is supported by a UL and Factory Mutual Certfied facility. Our professional operators are trained to identify incoming alarms and notify the appropriate authorities and responsible individuals needed for the response. Our monitoring center is on the job when you can’t be.

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